New Rules for the 2015/2016 Season

So there are a few new rules to be aware of this season. Some of you might have played under them during Summer League or at Tournaments. But for the rest of you here they are

  • You are now allowed to play the ball with the stick above the shoulder.

  • A green card indicating a temporary suspension of two minutes of playing time

  • Breaking at penalty corners, where the offending player(s) shall be required to go beyond the centre-line

  • When the ball is played unintentionally by a defender or deflected by a goalkeeper over the base line, play will be re-started by the attacking team with the ball on the 23 metres line and in line with where it crossed the back-line. The ball cannot be played directly into the D. This replaces the (long) corner.

  • Where an attacking free hit is awarded within 5 metres of the circle this will now be taken from the point of the offence rather than having to take the ball back to the 5 metres dotted line

For more in-depth explanations have a look here:§ion=22