End of season dinner and awards

Thanks to Cookie and RDQ for organising the end of season dinner at The Trafalgar. Awards were given and nominations made for next years committee (some complete with campaign managers and video advertisement :). There was even attempted bribery with a promise of nachos at half-time but we are serious hockey players at Merton and would never fall prey to these tactics…. would we?

Team of the year: Boars

Club person of the year: RDQ

Club captain’s cup: Chris Walker

Men’s 1s MVP: Shaun Altwig and James Mostert
Men’s Boars MVP: Dinesh Jayakody and Patrick Minchin
Men’s top goalscorer: Stuart Lothian

Ladies’ 1s MVP: Eanski
Ladies’ 2s MVP: Mariaan Venter
Ladies top goalscorer: Emma Machell-Cox